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Mappy GPS Ulti S 536  Europe Light
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Mappy GPS Ulti S 536  Europe Light

Price: from 94,80$ to 102,87$ / piece
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4 - 20 102,87$ 5 days
21 - 50 97,72$ 5 days
51 or more 94,80$ 5 days
(order by multiple of 4 pieces)
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Reference: S 439

GPS 4.3 "touchscreen, TFT LCD, software NDRIVE, Bluetooth, Speech, Traffic Message Channel, mapping Western Europe 14 countries assisted steering, integrated POIs, 2GB memory, 12 mm thick, autonomy 2 h 30 navigation

GPS ultra thin and wide screen of 4.3 "with Bluetooth, receive and place calls hands-free, the TMC transmits traffic information in real time, the speech software GPS capable of reproducing with the natural street names and destinations to guide the driver without having to look at the screen, factsheets backpacker's guide lines and transit routes

Brand: MAPPY
EAN: 3483074398711
Product location: France
Number of products in one carton : 4 pcs
Carton size : 28.5 x 20 x 17.5 cm
Carton Weight : 2.1 kg

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Artimport SA

Positive feedback: 75 %
4 feedback over the past 24 months
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